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How do we clean our strollers?

How do we maintain and clean our strollers?

We want you to rest assured you are getting a safe, sanitized stroller. After each rental, each of our strollers undergoes maintenance and cleaning. Inspection: Upon return, our strollers are checked to ensure: -all buckles and safety harnesses are in good working order. -tires are free from any damage and spin freely. -brakes are functioning […]

Disney Stroller Rental

Disney Stroller Rentals: What do they look like?

You asked us, and we are answering. Hover over the image to Pin it! Here’s more information for you: Description: Disney strollers are made from rigid plastic and they don’t recline. They do offer a canopy for sun protection and seat belts. (Note: these plastic strollers really heat up in the afternoon Florida sun!) There […]

Book Early

Simple Stroller Rental reminds you to book early. March and April are peak travel periods in Central Florida for stroller rentals. Simple Stroller Rental wants you to have the rental stroller of your choice. We accept reservations up to a year in advance.

Placing a reservation for delivery today? No problem! Please call our reservation line at 407-374-2029.

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