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How do we clean our strollers?

How do we maintain and clean our strollers?

We want you to rest assured you are getting a safe, sanitized stroller. After each rental, each of our strollers undergoes maintenance and cleaning. Inspection: Upon return, our strollers are checked to ensure: -all buckles and safety harnesses are in good working order. -tires are free from any damage and spin freely. -brakes are functioning [...]

Disney Stroller Rental

Disney Stroller Rentals: What do they look like?

You asked us, and we are answering. Here’s more information for you: Description: Disney strollers are made from rigid plastic and they don’t recline. They do offer a canopy for sun protection and seat belts. (Note: these plastic strollers really heat up in the afternoon Florida sun!) There is a pouch on the back to [...]

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